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smash the BUMPS 2019
02.03.2019 - 02.03.2019, Kleine Scheidegg

BACK TO THE BASIC,it was such a nice time when we did some skiing back in the days, we found moguls on the slopes. Who is still able to manage this technique? We would like to find out this, with our new event “Smash the bumps”. You will have a qualification run which will be judged by 3 Judges on Points.After the quail Run, the KO final will be one to one and judged by the Judges as well till we get to the winner of the “Smash the bumps” 2019!

Informationen zum Event

Datum / Zeitraum

  • 02.03.2019

Treffpunkt / Veranstaltungsort

3823 Kleine Scheidegg