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THRILL – at Birg

SKYLINE THRILL perfectly describes the mid-station Birg: Enjoying pride of place on the rock massif, 2677 metres above sea level and about 1000m above the village of Mürren, it is the ideal starting point for hikes and the centre of the skiing area for all levels.

Skyline Walk

Start with a visit to the observation deck SKYLINE WALK: It takes you over the vertical abyss, provides an incredible panorama and views into the void! The SKYLINE WALK platform extends from the current Birg terrace. Constructed from steel and glass with a grated floor, the square design blends seamlessly into the landscape around the exposed Birg station and the irregular rocky landscape.

With the Swiss Travel Pass to the summit!

From 1 January 2018 onwards, the trip to Schilthorn/Brig will be free of charge for all travellers travelling with the Swiss Travel! Until now, the Swiss Travel Pass was valid until Mürren, now the return trip to the summit is also included. This offer is valid exclusively for the Swiss Travel Pass.

Thrill Walk

Starting at the Birg terrace, the THRILL WALK leads down to the vertical walls of the imposing rock massif. The 200-metre-long steel structure clings to the rocks before swerving under the observation platform and cableway and ending below the cableway station. The cliff walkway has a variety of sections, providing a heady interplay of air, reinforced glass and steel grating. Around 20 metres of glass-bottomed floor are followed by 7.5 metres of cattle grid-like elements. A 9-metre-long Nepalstyle rope bridge and an 8-metre-long crawl-through tunnel especially for kids (brave adults might want to have a go too!) have also been installed.



Many attractions and snow experiences are offered in the immediate vicinity of the Station Birg. You will experience a fast-paced ride with the tubing sledging experience or on the 350-metre long Tyrolienne. «Try to Ski» is the perfect offer for your first ski attempts. In the specially equipped ski and clothing containers can be rented and two conveyor belts take you to the practice area.An igloo village is also available for the ultimate snow feeling. In the Gastro-Igloo there is a bar and fondue is offered. Three further show igloos can be visited.