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First BagJump

Take a deep breath, let go, jump into the void and land as if you were on a cloud. For this kind of fun, you need neither a helicopter nor a parachute nor above-average fitness. A visit to Grindelwald-First is enough. At the lookout point, the cloud called Bagjump awaits jumpers of all ages and stature. The 15 x 15 metre high and 3.5 metre thick air cushion directly next to the mountain station always gently cushions landings from varying heights. The feeling it gives you? Cloud nine.


1 jump: CHF 3.00

3 jumps: CHF 6.00

Day ticket: CHF 9.00

*no additional discounts possible.



30. Juni bis 10. Oktober 2018

11.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

(nur bei guter Witterung gemäss Prognose vom Vortag)

Im Winter steht der BagJump den Freeskiern und Snowboardern im Park zur Verfügung.