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Trail Running

Numerous trails make the Jungfrau Region a paradise for runners.

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The diversity of the Jungfrau Region is a huge draw for trail running enthusiasts, with  everything from easy trails through forests and meadows to technically challenging trails in alpine terrain. Some trail running routes are also popular with hikers. During the peak season (July/August) and on weekends, the trails can be quite crowded. The routes at higher elevations can also be covered with snow during the summer months. Please inform yourself about current conditions and be aware of the local weather forecast.


It all depends on the right equipment.Whether it's a backpack, poles or shoes - the material must be right. Among other things, you should have a survival blanket, mobile phone, food and a wind/rain jacket. Well-equipped trail running is much more fun.


  • Stay on the trails.
  • Be considerate to hikers and mountain bikers.
  • Be considerate of wildlife and respect protected areas
  • Leave no trace, get rid of your rubbish!

Trailrunning Workshops

When trail running, there are many different things to pay attention to or learn. In Grindelwald this summer there are countless workshops where you can learn tips on trail running.

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