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Fire and Flame Ballenberg
05.09.2020 - 05.09.2020, Hofstetten b. Brienz

The experiment, unique in Europe, will be accompanied by a meeting. The start of the fire is the culmination of an interdisciplinary exchange between bricklayers, museum personnel, scientists, architects and conservationists. Ballenberg fans are cordially invited to attend from 6 pm on.

The Ballenberg tilery from Péry, Berne (141) was translocated in 2017. The building has a large shaft kiln: in the 18th century thousands of bricks and tiles were fired here every year. Since 2018, the Open-Air Museum has produced blanks for floor and roof tiles on a daily basis, which are now being fired.

Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 05.09.2020

Meeting point / Venue

Ballenberg, Freilichtmuseum der Schweiz
Museumsstrasse 100
3858 Hofstetten b. Brienz


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