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Klettern und abseilen
Klettern und abseilen - Sicherheit geht vor
Klettern und abseilen

Climbing & Abseiling

Get to grips with your first experience climbing and abseiling on a rock wall, under the trained and watchful eyes of our qualified mountain guides in the ‘Klettergarten’.

Participants will also learn how to secure their colleague on a rope, which introduces a whole new concept of trust to the team dynamic. The rewarding conclusion to these sporting efforts is abseiling back to the ground in the safe hands of your guides.

Building trust

Equipped with a helmet and climbing harness, our mountain guide will take you to the 'Klettergarten' climbing area where you will be guided in taking your first steps and grips on a rock wall. As the learning progresses, participants gain experience and confidence in securing each other on the rope, metre by metre. Accompanied and secured by qualified guides, this is a great activity for building trust and surmounting your own personal boundaries. There is also an abseil station, where participants can choose to either abseil themselves or be gently lowered to the ground on the rope, by their guide.

  • Number of participants: 5 to 36 persons / max. 6 TN per guide
  • Duration: Half to full day, depending on chosen activity programme
  • Costs: on request
  • Season: May to November
  • Optional activity combinations: Rope-bridge building, Hiking, Visit Glacier Gorge
  • Venue: Gletscherschlucht Grindelwald, or other climbing area
  • Applicable for: side event seminar or workshop, incentive, team event, corporate event

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