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Your cow - your cheese

Your cow - Your cheese


A unique pleasure with culture and tradition.

A cheese may only bear the designation "Alpkäse" if milk production and cheese making take place on the alp. In the same way, the cheese is produced in the Nebiker Senntum in the Wärgistal mountains. Become part of sustainable cheese production as godfather or godmother of a cow.

Your cow spends the summer on the alp and feeds on healthy grass and herbs. The alpine dairyman milks the animal and processes the milk into tasty cheese directly on the alp.

You can pick up this cheese in autumn at the Chästeilet or by arrangement with the alpine dairyman.


Duration: approx. 90 days on the alp from June - September
Cow fee: Fr. 380.-
Desired amount of cheese: approx. 30-120 kilos of cheese per cow
Full fat: preferential price of CHF 20 per kilo
Minimum purchase per contract is 30 kilos.

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